Main Sponsor                               Plantinum Sponsor                                                    

Main Sponsor known as Co-Organizer of the                                   Platinum is the higher sponsorship in the
  conferece takes repsonsability of risk  and                                       conference with a lot of benefits and
benefits together with the host. For more                                            visualisation during the campaing and
 about how to become Main Sponsor you should                               conference days.


Silver Sponsor                                                Hosting Sponsor                                                     Break Sponsor

If you can’t buy a Gold accesory to your wife, you                        I can contribute on website desing, development                          I’m gentelman and I like paying coffee bills, you

can buy a Silver one. We thought also for                                            and hosting it.                                                                                  can do it in our conference to honor 700

partners that are willing to be part of our                                                                                                                                                        participants with coffee breaks

organisation but are limited with the budget

Giveaway Sponsor                         Social Sponsor                            Community Sponsor

I have gifts to share, OK, come on                                                Dinner for VIP and special guest, covering Cyber                  I’m Media and I love hacking stuff, Cyber Security
and share it with our honored guest.                                                Social DAY of 27th of  May 2019.                              awarness  I want to contribute on promoting your activities
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